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Every Whyte bike comes pre-assembled in the box so all you’ll need to do is to put the bar and stem onto the fork steerer, insert the front wheel, and add your pedals. Then you can set-up your new bike to your liking.

We’ve created two guides: one quick-start guide which covers the top-line steps; and a more in-depth and detailed step-by-step guide, which covers all the details to get your bike ready to ride. Do keep hold of your box, in case you need to return the bike to us. 


- Snips/scissors/knife to remove packaging

- Grease

- Lube

- Torque wrench

- Track pump

- Shock pump 

- Tape measure

- A workstand makes it all easier if you have one 

Know what you’re doing? Here are the key steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1:

Read these instructions and watch the video so everything’s clear.

Step 2:

Open the box by turning the plastic box lock discs on either side and remove.

Step 3:

Lift the lid off and then carefully remove and unpack your bike.

Step 4:

Carefully remove all packaging from your bike.

Step 5:

Turn your forks the right way and install the stem and bar onto the fork steerer.

Step 6:

Smear a little grease to your bolt-through axle then install your front wheel, insert the bolt-through axle (or quick release) and tighten.

Step 7:

Fine-tune the stem and bar position; then tighten the headset pre-load bolt and finally tighten the stem clamp bolts. 

Step 8:

Add grease on the threads and install your pedals.

Step 9:

Ensure your seat posts is greased (or has carbon paste if in a carbon frame) and set your seat height.

Step 10:

Check your tyres pressures + fine tune your bike's set up to your liking. Lube the chain.

Step 11:

Final safety checks before you can saddle up and enjoy!


If you have any other questions, have look through our Support FAQs or call us our rider support number 0330 0883334 or email us and we’ll get you sorted.