The Next E-Volution: Introducing the E-160

The next
has begun

We have advanced the e-volution of full suspension mountain bikes with an awesome, confidence inspiring e-bike - the Whyte e-160. The e-160 has been engineered around the central philosophy; that a lowered centre of gravity delivers exceptional cornering agility and confident handling on any terrain. Our unique lowered centre of gravity concept optimises the distribution of battery and motor mass within the chassis so you can experience uncompromised flow on the trails.

Our e-Bikes have been award-winning category leaders for years but we’ve seriously moved up a level with our latest e-160 range.


As long term partners with Bosch, we’ve been perfectly placed to take full advantage of their new smart system. Motor performance, battery efficiency and even security can be controlled and customised through the eBike Flow app.

And now we’re using Bosch's highest capacity 750Wh battery the unique rolled motor, dropped, in tube battery layout we invented is even more valuable. By lowering the centre of gravity it ensures the e-160 handles better than anything else on the hill.


We’ve also evolved our multiple Enduro race/series win suspension to the next level. Custom tuned shocks from Fox and RockShox deliver outstanding, ground hugging grip with the support you need to rail every corner and send every hip.

 We've used our insight and experience to fit exactly the componentry you need.  We’re talking about parts personally tested by some of the fastest, hardest gravity racers in the country who also happen to be our engineering and demo team.


We know not everyone can afford - or needs - wireless gears and DH level dampers though, so that applies across S, RS, and the new RSX spec bikes so you’re winning whatever you’re spending and whichever bike you choose. 

the best all round

And because it’s a Whyte we’ve completely weather sealed every e-160, kept them water bottle friendly and used lifetime warrantied bearings throughout. Because when a bike is this good you’ll want to ride it as much as possible.

So when we say we’ve made the best all round e-Bike you can buy better, we don’t mean a bit better, we mean a whole new level of awesome.