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Please note, paint pens aren't suitable for repairing large areas of paint damage. Frame paint can evolve and change colour over time with exposure to UV light. For this reason, we recommend testing the paint in an inconspicuous area first to check if the paint match will be suitable for your bike.

Synthetic enamel touch-up paint, suitable for repairing small paint chips or scratches up to around 4mm diameter. Contents 10ml approx.

Only frame colours are available; we cannot supply paint for additional graphics, decals, logos etc. 

WAMTU001 Magenta matt WP-025 PMS 226
WAMTU002 Aqua matt WP-020 PMS 7466
WAMTU003 Apple matt WP-021 PMS 375
WAMTU004 Zinc WP-016
WAMTU005 Granite WP-005
WAMTU006 Old Orange WP-022á PMS 1665
WAMTU007 New Orange WP022  PMS 172
WAMTU008 Lime Pantone WP-026 PMS 382
WAMTU009 New  Lime WP-30 PMS 389
WAMTU010 Blue WP-31   PMS 306
WAMTU011 Petrol WP-033  PMS 8504
WAMTU012 Midnight WP-040 
WAMTU013 Bronze WP-041  PMS 8622
WAMTU014 Forest WP-032  PMS 8762
WAMTU016 Matt Olive WP-042
WAMTU017 New matt Granite
WAMTU018 Burnt Orange WP-043
WAMTU019 Matt Moss WP-45
WAMTU020 Diesel  WP-46
WAMTU021 Matt Black
WAMTU022 Cement Gloss
WAMTU023 Gloss Orange
WAMTU024 Gloss Turquoise
WAMTU025 Gloss White
WAMTU026 Gloss Grey
WAMTU027 Gloss Lime
WAMTU028 Gloss Neutral Grey
WAMTU029 Gloss Black
WAMTU030 New Gloss Olive
WAMTU031 New Matt Olive
WAMTU032 Gloss Dark Silver T140S E160R
WAMTU033 Gloss Silver
WAMTU034 Gloss Turquoise Rheo
WAMTU035 Gloss Sage Green Rheo
WAMTU036 Gloss Bone Rheo
WAMTU037 Gloss Pearlecent White E180W
WAMTU038 Gloss Meadow Green T160RS 24