14 April 2023

Daryl Brown's "Sharky" Dream Build For Darkfest 2023


Whyte sponsored athlete Daryl “Sharky” Brown is heading back to Stellenbosch in South Africa for Darkfest 2023. Daryl will be putting himself to the test on the 100ft+ Darkfest jumps and rubbing shoulders with the world’s best riders. We sat him down to find out how he's getting along in the run up to the event, after a very unlucky start to 2023 which involved him impaling his arm on a rusty metal stake!

Road to Darkfest 2023

To celebrate another year of Daryl being invited to ride the biggest jumps in the world, we created a special one-of-a-kind bike for him to ride at the event.

Presenting the "Sharky" G-180 dream bike. Designed by us, painted by FatCreations, and finished in the very best components as selected by Daryl.

How To Construct A Predator

Sit back and relax as Gary takes you through the Darkfest Dream Build

Preparing your bike for Darkfest can be challenging as it's hard to replicate the high speeds and compression forces experienced in the event. Luckily for Daryl, he's already attended several times and knows what to expect. The first shakedown ride at Woburn Sands bike park allowed Daryl to get a feel for the new bike and to make sure everything is set up to his exacting requirements.

We can't wait to see this shark fly.

Find out more about Dary on his athlete page.

Darkfest is an invitational gathering of the world’s best freeride mountain bikers. Assembling at the Hellsend Compound in Stellenbosch, South Africa, the team of builders spend two weeks sculpting the world’s biggest jumps from huge mounds of dirt, before the invited riders hit the course over a five-day session. It’s not strictly a competition, but all the riders seize the opportunity to go big and maximise the potential of attending the prestigious event. New for 2023, the course has evolved with an even bigger 110-foot jump which will no doubt set the stage for some record-breaking action. 

Darkfest 2023 runs from April 17 to April 22, 2023. Action will be broadcast from participating riders' social media accounts, with official content coming from the Darkfest YouTube channel during and after the event.

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