Whyte Miles Terms and Conditions

Whyte Miles is a promotional scheme that awards qualifying retailers points called Whyte Miles every time they sell a Whyte bike to a customer, or stock-in a Whyte bike for stock or demo from Whyte Bikes Ltd for the duration of the scheme. Additionally, extra Whyte Miles can be earned by participating in approved marketing activities.


Whyte Miles will run from 6th February 2023 to 30th April 2023 and may be extended or cancelled at the sole discretion of Whyte Bikes Ltd.

Qualifying Retailers

Only retailers who have stocked in MY23 Whyte bikes, supply us weekly sales out data and keep their account in good order qualify for participation in Whyte Miles.

Awarding or Deducting Miles

The number of Whyte Miles awarded is dependent on the bike’s SRP and may be amended on a monthly basis, as notified on the monthly prize List. All Whyte Miles are awarded at our discretion and are dependent on accurateinformation being supplied. We may request verification during our Sales Team visits and reserve the right to deduct miles with due cause. For Whyte Miles awarded for marketing activities, photographic evidence is required.Bikes purchased using the Whyte Retailer Staff Bike Scheme do not qualify for Whyte Miles.

Weekly Statement

Qualifying retailers will receive a weekly Whyte Miles statement by email every Wednesday to an agreed email address.

Spending Whyte Miles

Whyte Miles can be spent (traded in) at the begining of every month or accumulated over the duration of the scheme. Whyte Miles can be traded in for prizes on the prize List. Prize choices must be submitted by email to whytemiles@whyte.bike at the end of each month and will be processed at the beginning of the next month. Whyte Miles cannot be traded in by retailers with on stop accounts. All Whyte Miles must be traded in before 12th May 2023 or lost.There is no cash value for Whyte Miles.

Prize List

A prize list will be published each month. We reserve the right to introduce additional surprise prizes at any time. Prizes are offered subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Additional Prizes

  • Free Whyte Junior Trail Bike
    • Stock in a Whyte e-Full Suspension bike for the duration of Whyte Miles and get a Whyte Junior Trail bike FREE, while stocks last.

    Please speak to your sales rep if you have an questions.