Why have one or the other when you can have the beast of both worlds? 

When your designers and demo team are also one of the most successful Enduro teams in the country with national series wins and podium finishes in the World’s most infamous gravity races you have the perfect proving ground for new bikes. 

Having started with 27.5in wheels for maximum agility despite monster travel, we then added 29in wheel options for rock and root crushing roll over and maximum stability. Both set ups have proven massively effective in different conditions too, which is why they’ve both racked up a bunch of wins in tests, bike of the year awards and of course at actual gravity races where winning matters most.   

Mixing wheel sizes puts the advantages of each wheel where they matter most though. The locked down tech trail domination of a 29er front wheel matched to the easy to get steezy, turn in hard and slide wide vibe 27.5er rear. 

That’s why we’d already designed the latest stiffer, impact eating G-180 frame to be easily switchable between different front wheel options. If you’re the kind of rider who’s going to love the flat out fast but foot out fun vibe of an MX/Mullet set up you probably don’t want to wait around swapping wheels.  

After feedback about just how good this mix felt on the trail we’ve now created two ready-made MX builds that are ready to rave straight from the moment you roll them out of your Whyte dealer.  We’ve made sure both the RS and the S spec bikes are fully equipped to make the absolute best of both these worlds too with RockShox Zeb forks and Race or riot ready Maxxis rubber on both builds. 

So what are you waiting for? With a wheel option for every style and situation there’s a perfect G-180 for however you want to ride the sickest trails.  



The stability to smash the roughest, sickest tracks with the scrub to get wild in every turn. Mixed wheel specific ride dynamics matched with full victory verified gravity spec mean our new G-180 RS MX and G-180S MX gravity bikes really are the beast of both worlds.   



You come in super-hot, putting full trust in the guaranteed carving grip of a 29er Maxxis MaxxGrip Assegai front tyre translated through the huge 38mm stanchions of that RockShox Zeb fork and dinner plate 220mm front rotor. Then at that exact ‘oh fk, I’ve overcooked’ moment the 27.5in rear wheel cuts in like a superhero saviour, shifting the cornering trajectory tighter, dropping the bars even deeper into the turn where the slammed geometry grabs, grips and hurls you down the trail with fighter pilot Gs. Our 180mm MX bikes are the sickest rides we make for when maximum thrills are the win you’re chasing. 




MX, Mullet, Mixed Wheel. Whatever you want to call it, that moment when the 27.5in wheel back end helps you drift the perfect corner arc as the 29er Assegai tyre nails guaranteed traction up front will tell you everything about why dual wheel sizes are the ultimate thrill on the hill. We’ve dialed in our award-winning ride dynamics, nailed the spec and Double Downed on the rear tyre to make the absolute most of the grin gains on our G-180 RS MX too.